Birth & Beyond In Home Parent Support

This program provides “in-home” parenting lessons and interactive activities with your child(ren) ages 0-5. Birth & Beyond uses the Nurturing Parenting Program curriculum, an internationally recognized program that builds and improves self-worth, empathy, discipline, and empowerment for both parents and children. For more info — call (916) 927-7694.

School Readiness 

Offering age appropriate learning, development skills and reading resources, as well as information on free books and how to establish reading routines. Our School Readiness Liaison links families to their local school districts preschool programs and enrollment requirements.

Resource Specialist

Provides families with concrete support in the times of need. Families receive local resources and referrals to community programs. Through this program the following classes are provided:

• Car Seat Safety: Find out if your child has the right car seat and learn how to properly install your child’s seat. Receive a free car seat at the end of each class.

• Bike Helmet Safety: Learn about the importance of wearing a helmet when biking, skating or riding a scooter or skateboard. Free helmets for youth.

• Life Jackets: Learn about the importance of water safety. Receive a free life jacket at the end of each class.

Stress Relief Classes: Come and join other parents and participate in invigorating discussion or activities while playcare is provided.


A number of classes are offered to educate and strengthen families, including:

• Nurturing Parenting Program: Parents learn about child development, empathy, discipline and empowerment. (Approved for Court Mandated Parent Education)

• Make Parenting a Pleasure: Parents learn effective parenting skills, how to manage stress and positive discipline. (Approved for Court Mandated Parent Education)

• DARE To Be You: Parents learn how to teach their children to feel better about themselves, communicate, be responsible and make decisions.

• Anger Management: Certified court mandated Anger Management courses are offered.

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