About Us

About Us

MAN’s daily activities focused on meeting the imminent needs of the community. Including crisis intervention, assisting residents to acquire resources such as food, housing, clothing, and medical assistance.

Our Mission

Advancing social and economic opportunities for neighborhood residents through inclusive programming and innovative approaches so that families can thrive.

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Leadership Team

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Danielle Lawrence

Executive Director

Danielle Lawrence is currently the Executive Director of Mutual Assistance Network...

Katy Robb


Katy began her work with MAN as an intern in the...

Heather Gonzalez


Heather Gonzalez currently serves as a Director for the Mutual Assistance...

Flin Oshun

Program Manager

Flin Oshun is an advocate for equity and social change for...

Board Members

Ollie Mack – President 

Robert Kerth – Treasurer

Maria Sotomayor – Secretary

Mary Watts – Parlimentarian

Daniel Savala – Director 

Lisa Nava – Director


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Philosophy of Change Model

Rooted in the belief that the residents have the power to create economic change within their community, the Mutual Assistance Network provides opportunities for individual and community growth that allows the residents to act as guides. Through a comprehensive strategic planning process that involved local residents and community partners, a vision for growth in Northern Sacramento Neighborhoods was created that seeks long-term, generational community change and provides a framework for program planning. Known as the Continuum of Change, the approach is based on the principal that in order for a community to advance the resident’s lives must be stable enough to allow them to grow individually, while also participating in opportunities to assist Northern Sacramento Neighborhoods to move forward. As a method and philosophy for development, the Continuum of Change requires a strong set of partnerships, an infusion of service areas, the ability to measure both successes and failures, and a place for individual and community growth.