About Us

About Us

Our Mission

Advancing social and economic opportunities so families can thrive.

About Us

Mutual Assistance Network works to strengthen the existing social and economic infrastructure of Del Paso Heights, Arden Arcade and the surrounding Northern Sacramento neighborhoods.

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Leadership Team

Mutual Assistance Network is an agency with over 50 individuals working to support the needs of the Northern Sacramento Neighborhoods.

Danielle Lawrence

Executive Director

Danielle Lawrence is currently the Executive Director of Mutual Assistance Network. ...

Katy Robb


Katy began her work with MAN as an intern in the...

Heather Gonzalez


Heather Gonzalez currently serves as a Director for the Mutual Assistance...

Flin Oshun

Program Manager

Flin Oshun is an advocate for equity and social change for...

  • (916) 927-7694 ext 108
  • foshun@mutualassistance.org

Claire Pasquinelli

Claire helped to lead the implementation of MAN’s new Black Infant...

  • (916)927-7694 ext.134
  • cpasquinelli@mutualassistance.org

LaTanya Mosley


LaTanya Mosley is the Arcade Community Center Manager with Mutual Assistance...

  • (916) 514-8096 ext. 112
  • lmosley@mutualassistance.org

Molly Reagh


Molly has held various positions at MAN, always maintaining a strong...

  • 916-514-8096 ext. 104
  • mreagh@mutualassistance.org

Shante Williams


Shante Williams is currently the Firehouse Community Center manager with Mutual...

  • 916-567-9567 ext. 213
  • lwilliams@mutualassistance.org

Amber Busby

In her role current role with MAN, Amber seeks to develop...

  • (916) 514-8096 ext. 105
  • abusby@mutualassistance.org

Jose Gutierrez


Jose started at MAN over 20 years ago as a youth...

  • 916-927-7694 ext 121
  • jgutierrez@mutualassistance.org

Board Members

Ollie Mack – President 

Robert Kerth – Treasurer

Maria Sotomayor – Secretary

Mary Watts – Parlimentarian

Daniel Savala – Director 

Lisa Nava – Director


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Youth Engaged