Our Approach

Our Approach


Rooted in the belief that the residents have the power to create economic change within their community, the Mutual Assistance Network provides opportunities for individual and community growth that allows the residents to act as guides. Through a comprehensive strategic planning process that involved local residents and community partners, a vision for growth in Northern Sacramento Neighborhoods was created that seeks long-term, generational community change and provides a framework for program planning. Known as the Continuum of Change, the approach is based on the principle that in order for a community to advance the resident’s lives must be stable enough to allow them to grow individually, while also participating in opportunities to assist Northern Sacramento Neighborhoods to move forward. As a method and philosophy for development, the Continuum of Change requires a strong set of partnerships, an infusion of service areas, the ability to measure both successes and failures, and a place for individual and community growth.

Our History


Mutual Assistance Network relaunched it’s new efforts under new Executive Director Danielle Lawrence. Advancing social and economic opportunities for neighborhood residents through inclusive programming and innovative approaches so that families can thrive.

Relaunch 2020


After 22 years of service, Richard Dana steps away as Executive Director of Mutal Assistance Network, leaving behind a legacy of good work in the community.



In 2016 MAN reopens the Robertson Community Center to the neighborhood in partnership with neighborhood residents. Additionally, MAN launched the College and Sports Academy, a new youth sports, and academic achievement program.

The 2000's


In 2015 MAN breaks ground on Del Paso Nuevo, the first of many housing development projects. In 2015 the Arcade Community Center becomes the Community Incubator Lead for the Black Child Legacy Campaign’s efforts in Arden Arcade.

The 2000's


In 2000 MAN begins activities to improve economic conditions in the neighborhood (VITA, financial education, small business development). In 2003 MAN obtains ownership of the Firehouse Community Center from the City of Sacramento.

The 2000's


In 1999 MAN begins the Birth & Beyond to stabilize families and prevent long term health problems for children. To date, Birth & Beyond has evolved into an in-home parent education program. In 1999 MAN also started a partnership with Regional Transit and Department of Human Assitance, created the Neighborhood Ride, a service by RT that provides residents greater mobility and transit options.

The Initiatives of the 90's

The 90's

In 1994 MAN begins its first project, the community gardens at Morey Avenue Good for All and Fred Lawson Garden. In 1995 MAN obtains its first contract with Sacramento County Department of Human Assistance for home visitation services. In 1998 MAN launches Operation graduation, after school program an mentoring to promote graduation for junior high and high school students.

MAN Launches Initiatives

The 90's

In 1991 Sacramento County Department of Human Assistance provides seed money to develop an organization to compliment and act as a liaison with the county, In 1993 Grandparents  Support Group is formed to support grandparents raising children. These events led to the incorporation of Mutual Assistance Network as a non-profit organization.

1994 Established as a Non-profit Organization.

"After attending the homeownership workshop, I retain the knowledge I needed to start my home buying process. With Mutual Assistance support and guidance, I am now a proud homeowner."
Ying Vang participant


I am so grateful for MAN's programs. They are very resourceful. More than anything, in the Healthy Families America home visitation program I got to experience having a big supporter and person who helps me with anything I may need. She tries until she figures it out and I'm very grateful for her. My experience has been very wonderful and I have been and will keep telling others about it.
“Pacific Housing, Inc. and the Mutual Assistance Network have enjoyed a five plus year partnership in working together for the benefit of the Del Paso Heights community. Our aligned missions of community service have synergized well and together we have recently completed Heritage at Del Paso Nuevo, a new single family subdivision consisting of 91 homes. The Heritage mission was to develop a quality new home community that gave local families an opportunity to purchase a quality home at affordable pricing. Not only was the mission achieved, but our PHI/MAN partnership also contributed over $150,000 directly for the benefit of the Del Paso Heights Community. We look forward to continuing our partnership with M.A.N. and helping ad to the enrichment of the Del Paso Heights Community.”
Mark A. Wiese CEO Pacific Housing, Inc.