How we work with families

When we talk about development and growth for individuals and families, one conversation that is often neglected is the conversations about finances. We also need to talk about establishing a financial path for work families. Often there is a misconception in the neighborhoods like Del Paso that it isn’t important to file taxes.

Education about the importance of filing taxes

In reality, there is money out there that families are owed through the earn income tax-cutting at a federal level. California has a similar tax credit called the EITC. For many years, MAN has been a part of what is a national push for families that qualify to utilize the Volunteer income tax assistance program. Its charge is to encourage families to file taxes and utilize free tax returns that are certified and trained by the IRS.

We are intentional at tax time every year to connect all of our families and to share the opportunity that exists. For financial success, it is imperative that you have a tax return. We acknowledged families that if they want to apply for financial aid or purchase a home, they have to have a tax return. Understanding the importance of having a financial record for families is really important for stability and economic growth.

How we work with families

To make sure that the families are taking advantage of the different opportunities we have a team that is focused on taxes. The team members will make sure that families know about EITC. A single mother called us on the phone. She saw that we reposted about EITC on the Mutual Assistance Network website. More information was requested on how she can proceed with the claiming and what does she need to do. She hasn’t worked for a while and she doesn’t know about the different benefits that come with tax filing.

We were working with her and she finally was in a good place to file her taxes and able to take advantage of the EITC program that is being offered. She was able to get a good and nice amount of return back.  The lady took advantage of the free tax filing and was able to walk away with a good amount of money. If she didn’t ask, she couldn’t know that she is eligible for the benefits.