Youth Programs

Youth Programs

Reducing Adverse Childhood Experiences

ACEs are adverse childhood experiences that harm children’s developing brains so profoundly that the effects show up decades later; they cause much of chronic disease, most mental illness, and are at the root of most violence.

Brain science shows that, in the absence of protective factors, toxic stress damages children’s developing brains. People with high ACE scores are more likely to be violent, to have more marriages, more broken bones, more drug prescriptions, more depression, and more autoimmune diseases. People with an ACE score of 6 or higher are at risk of their lifespan being shortened by 20 years.  With help from caring adults, children also recover from this tolerable stress.

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Healing The Hood


Youth Programs

Mutual Assistance Network


 The goal of the Healing the Hood project (HTH) – is to decrease community violence through comprehensive violence prevention, intervention and interruption services and resources for youth, as well as on-the-ground crisis response.
Healing the Hood and Neighborhood Services Provided:
* Violence prevention, intervention, and interruption
* Youth and family case management
* Mentoring and Youth Development Programs
* Job Training and Academic Enrichment Services
* Parenting Education and Family Leadership Development
* Community Service and Community Economic Development
* Truant, Suspended or Expelled student support