Economic Development

Economic Development

College Sports Academy (CSA)

MAN utilizes sports as a mechanism to promote health, academic achievement, and high education. In partnership with neighborhood residents and local youth sports leagues, CSA provides opportunity for neighborhood youth to participate in organized sports leagues, sports camps, clinics, and academic skill-building. 

Del Paso Heights Sports Complex

The Mutual Assistance Network is working to build the Del Paso Heights Sports Complex (DPHSC). This project will rehabilitate the existing field at Robertson Park and construct two new baseball fields on the vacant land adjacent to the Robertson Community Center. The DPHSC will be home to the CSA and local youth and adult sports and host regional tournaments on weekends.  The revenue generated from the tournaments will support the Robertson Community Center activities and maintenance of the complex. This project has the ability to greatly improve the education and health of youth, and strengthen the economic infrastructure of the neighborhood.

Youth Sports

Youth sports is an important identity and a part of daily life in the Del Paso Heights neighborhood.  Mutual Assistance Network and many partners have launched a comprehensive education and health initiative in Del Paso Heights that includes three important phases: 1) Reclaiming Robertson Community Center; 2) Operation of the College Sports Academy; and, 3) Construction of a Sports Complex for financial sustainability.

Reclaiming Robertson Community Center

Once a vibrant part of Del Paso Heights, in 2007, the Robertson Community Center ceased operating as a community center. In 2016, Mutual Assistance Network, in partnership with neighborhood organizations and residents, reopened the Robertson for the neighborhood.  With the assistance of Councilmember Allen Warren and City of Sacramento Youth, Parks and Community Enrichment, Mutual Assistance Network was able to obtain a long-term lease for the center. The Robertson Community Center now hosts events, activities, classes and is again a destination for healthy, fun, and activities.

Heritage, Del Paso Nuevo Phase 5

Heritage is a new home development that comes as phase 5 of the Del Paso Nuevo. It was developed by Pacific Housing, Inc in order to build 91 new homes. Heritage is all about giving the opportunity for people to buy affordable two-story family homes. The community offers lots of amenities so that everyone can find their favorite thing to do. Whether you are up for a picnic, a fun family day spent on the playground, or a shopping day and fine dining experience, you have it all.

The homes have airy and spacious living areas and a beautiful front porch so that you can hang out with your neighbors and friends. They are the typical American dream homes, with 3 to 4 bedrooms and a two-car garage. Sizes range from 1,571 to 2,184 square feet so that you can find the one that suits your needs.

Park Village at Del Paso Nuevo has a total of 63 homes, which have a very convenient location. The proximity to downtown Sacramento and the airport make this a wonderful place for living.

Housing Development

New Home Construction and Home Ownership are two projects in the program of the Mutual Assistant Network. The ultimate goal is to give the residents an opportunity to become homeowners. This is done by establishing a bond between both residents and developers and finding a mutual language.

The project will be implemented as soon as there are vacant lots within the Del Paso neighborhood. The iconic feature of this project will be the fact that the streets will be named by the neighborhood leaders. These are the residents in the neighborhood that amazed everyone with their actions that would benefit the area.

The projects are a collaboration between the city of Sacramento, SHRA, and local developers. It gathers the knowledge, expertise, and authority of these parties and focuses them on completing the goal.  The final outcome is constructing 163 new family homes in Del Paso Heights. This will help the residents become homeowners and remain residents of their favorite neighborhoods. Both of the projects meet the SHRA’s qualifications. They are meant to help low-income buyers on their journey to buying their dream home.

Financial Empowerment Center

Financial Empowerment Center is an individual organization that is not a part of the  Robertson and DPH Sports Complex. The main goal is to provide residents with individual economic stability and growth. It is a partnership between the City of Sacramento and the International Rescue Committee to help people in their mission of becoming financially stable. The unique approach provides the residents with access to free certified financial counselors and coaches. But also, it gives the freedom for every individual to be able to set their individual financial goals for achieving economic stability and optimal growth. The Mutual Assistant Network staff build a bridge between the residents and counselors.  The organization offers support and allows the families to establish a bond with the coaches, in order to set and achieve their financial goals.

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