College & Career Readiness

College & Career Leadership Team

Mutual Assistance Network works to prepare youth for a successful transition to adulthood. Thanks to the College and Career Readiness Leadership Team at Inderkum High School, below is a list of resources for families who would like to learn more about college, vocational schools, and other post-high school opportunities.

The College and Career Readiness Leadership team strives to be the epicenter of student-led College and Career Readiness.

College Application

Applying for college can be difficult without the right guidance and support please use the video below to help you complete your college application correctly.

SAT Planning

Scholarship Writing

Writing scholarship essays can be difficult. We have put together tutorials that should assist with your scholarship essay writing.

College Essay Writing

The CCR team at Inderkum High School was fortunate enough to interview best selling author Ethan Sawyer to discuss the many tips and strategies for applying to college. We highly recommend you listen to this podcast and make sure to have a pen and paper to take notes!

College & Career Podcast

The collection of the podcast below is interviews with college recruiters, career professionals, and military personnel. Each podcast is designed to give you insight to what the colleges offer and what they are looking for from applicants. The career professional interviews provide details and insight to people’s careers. You will find stories about their success and how they overcame failure.  Finally, the interviews with military personnel provide valuable information about careers in the armed services.

Vocational Opportunities

Interested in learning about vocational programs? These programs allow you to learn skills that can lead to immediate employment. Watch the videos below to learn more about careers in skilled labor.

Entrepreneurship Podcast

Interested in learning about starting your own business? These entrepreneurs share their stories and lessons learned about their business.

Military Service Podcast

There are hundreds of careers in the military. Find out how the military can help you develop your career.