From Vacant Lots to Homeowners

Yang is a unique individual that is a community member and family of the organization. She started coming to the community center because she needed to utilize the computer lab for her needs. When she built trust and comfort with us, she was ready to go a step further. Eventually, this led her to start utilizing the services that we offer.

How Yangs was introduced to the Mutual Assistance Network

She took safety classes and became more engaged, building even more trust and comfort.  When she was ready to purchase a home, she asked the MAN for help. We offered the homeowner workshop, which she attended, and worked closely with a lender. They assisted her with credit score, the lending process, and needed documentation. They walked her through the whole process, from start to finish.

Yang attended classes in the community center and shared her specific needs for the applying process. She prequalified for low-income housing with downpayment assistance and closing call assistance. Because of all of that, she finally managed to fulfill her dream of becoming a homeowner.

Her process took a year and a half until she got the keys to her new home. Her story is really unique because she started with the homes that they provided and partnered with, but she wasn’t qualified for. The sales agent helped her in the process of making her dream come true. She was finally able to find a home within her possibilities

The outcome

In the beginning, Yang was discouraged because she wanted a brand new home. And now, she has the yard that her husband and kids really wanted. Everything turned out perfect for her just because she started to come to use our computer lab. In the end, she walked away with the keys to her brand new home and a huge smile on her face. Her story is a success story that will motivate other individuals to take action to fulfill their life goals.

We work with families that struggle for stability. It is a reminder of the importance of the organization to offer these opportunities. Yang was a strong and confident individual that really wanted to stay in the neighborhood, so they helped her with this important thing. Now the neighborhood has one more strong family as a member of the community.